Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is SHE is a HE..??

30 Jun 2009 3.30 A.M

When i was searching for the latest story and information to be share with all of you, suddenly I found this>> Megan Fox Is A Man. No way!! haha. That's unbelievable.Can't imagine if this story were true..basically it still just a rumours. They said her real name is Mitchell Reed Fox and was born in Rockwood, Tennessee. Wow....if this rumours are true, then Megan Fox must be the most gorgeous 'he' in this world. haha. After all it just a rumours :)

Check out at http://weeklyworldnews.com.

p/s: She's hot!!>>even if the rumours are true :P


waNN said...

if the rumors true...i think u didn't care to have him as your gf...is it??

Wafiy said...

haha..i hope it is not true.

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